R2B has been for years the reference point for the regional and national innovation system, as well as a meeting point between institutions, companies, universities and innovators, which over time has been able to boast the participation of representatives of European institutions, as well as international and national experts on issues related to innovation in various sectors.

After the online editions of the last two years R2B is back in a new hybrid and widespread mode: the regional Technopoles will host talks on various topics, which will be streamed to a “central stage” at the Volvo Congress Center. Furthermore, all events will be available online on the R2B platform.

The 2022 edition has “Transition Transformation” as its watchwords, and responds to the complex and global challenges Italy is has faced: the ecological and energy transition, the increasingly pervasive digital transformation that affects institutions, businesses, territories and citizens that have to be backed by the skills and knowledge essential for the future.

Tecnopolo Bologna CNR organizes a round table “Sustainable, ethical and safe mobility” on 9 June 2022 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. The speakers will bring complementary points of view on the topic, coming both from the world of research, from the public sector and business.

The speakers are:

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