Digital CorNeR Project Kicks Off Thanks to Funds Granted by the Ministry of Economic Development


5G Technology to Experience Immersive and Interactive Events Remotely


MISTER, CNR, Proambiente, Music Academy and Luciano Pavarotti Foundation partners are awarded co-funding from the Ministry of Economic Development (5G Audiovisual Project) to implement the Digital CorNeR project.

The project activities will focus on the realization of immersive content that, exploiting the high performance of 5G networks in terms of bandwidth and latency, will be tested through use cases during musical, educational, tourist-recreational events.

To achieve the goal, the Conference Center located in CNR Territorial Research Area – Bologna will be upgraded with the creation first of all of a control room that, interacting through 5G technology, will allow the production of content enjoyable through emerging human-machine interfaces (e.g., augmented, virtual, immersive and interactive reality, voice recognition, etc.).

This infrastructure will be complemented by two dedicated laboratories:

  • SED Space – Digital Event Room, will aim to develop experimental, immersive content based on augmented, virtual, immersive and interactive reality;
  • 5G-TUR Lab, will aim to test the full usability and interactivity of augmented and virtual reality content, particularly aimed at the tourism-recreation sector.

The valuable collaboration of Music Academy and Luciano Pavarotti Foundation will allow the realization of two use cases, which will be an opportunity to get into the thick of the events with the implemented technologies.

Music Academy will provide the Creative Hub, a new center for training, innovation and promotion in music, art and entertainment, for the realization of a musical event that will be broadcast and enjoyed in immersive mode thanks to 5G also at the SED Space.

Luciano Pavarotti Foundation’s partnership will allow for 360° streaming of one of the events planned for the third annual “Musica Maestro!” festival, which will be held at the park of the Luciano Pavarotti House Museum and will be replayed through the new technologies of the Spazio SED laboratory.

This project is part of the broader goal of creating a new and unique infrastructure in Emilia-Romagna, open to the territory and the community, useful for the comparison and sharing of ideas, technologies and opportunities.